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I don't know if 'win' is really the word, but I think you understand what I'm gesticulating at. All our updates will come via, and I'm super excited for showing off some of the mechanics I have planned.

The lead programmer has worked out how to do rag doll physics and dynamic shadows! :D
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Hey guys, remember that game I'm concepting for that I keep talking about? It's finally got a kickstarter up!

You can find it here!

I'm so excited. Look at that science! Those concepts! Those monsters!


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I sell cheese! In the past year or so, I've learned more about cheese than I could've possibly thought possible.

That's what I'm doing now! Besides that, I'm continuing to learn Java, draw concept art for a game which is turning more of a fantasy than reality, building a website for work and trying to play all the games I bought in the last steam sale.

Will post up more concept art in the future, and I'm looking for a challenge of wits in another collab, if anyone is interested.

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Yup, still here. I've decided my flat is the most comfortable place on earth.

Been putting a lot of work into a board game as well as the on going computer game project. More on this later.

Hope you're all well!

I'm back in London now, because Devon was too dull. There's a fair bit more independence here, and I'm renting my own place!

Just have to hope my scanner can come and live with me soon. (Always problems with the scanner).

Draw draw draw!
Is great! Plenty of time to draw, and it's so relaxing here. Some might say TOO relaxing.
Me? Little old me? I'm moving house. Very exciting times.

I've recently got back into drawing and the slower paced life style should allow for more. Hopefully I'll have people around to see it!

If you're here looking for wallets, I'm sorry to disappoint you. The video was very important in that it was released on the first day of April, and that's all I'm saying about it. Google is your friend. It got 300k views in 24 hours.

Originally, it had no adverts, but these were added about 3 hours later. Why? To generate money for the Red Cross to aid Japan. When traffic has died down, the video will be removed, the total will be documented, as will the paying of the money to the charity.

At the time of writing, the total stands at £67.XX. Good work, everyone.

Hello hello hello!

To summarise the events as they stand;

I have 6/7 panels (including my own). From what I've read, Golland has the final panel to take a load off my hands (thanks). I will send three to Golland and the other three to Kid A. The addresses as I have them are (abbreviated for privacy);

171 K Road

Kid A
2 C Street, #2231

I am currently devoting all my time to finishing, scanning and posting these. Any changes to this plan should be written below ASAP.

The delay has not been malicious, but I'm sure it's created much unnecessary inconvenience for all concerned.

Ladies and Gentlemen. Hello.

I wish to share with you an interesting phenomenon I've begun to notice, and it is thus-

When ever I find somebody 'new', I have always been ninja'd to the position by my fellow stalkers.

Allow me to put avatars to my accusations.


The item which marks this strange is that they are all rather talented artists.


I should also like to include this guy, who deserves to be recognized more often than Posh and Becks.


Ladies and gentlemen, timmolloy, as linked to by Bobbymono.
Ladies and gents, I have travelled far and wide on my journeys across the internet. In such travels, I became the survivor of a zombie plague, where I soon spent my time as a corpse. Then I started a new life and became a rampant murder, roaming blocks of flats, killing the honest survivor groups as they evaded the cadaverous corpses.

Then all went quiet.

Within time, I regathered my senses and drove deeper into the internet. Beyond the blinking ad banners and alluring ads. Past the glaze of colour of the popular pass-times, and deep into the bowels of the web.

In this niche, I found a quiet world, inhabited by half a thousand people or less- where forces of evil clashed against those of good, and the greys danced in between like minnows stuck betwixt a waterfall and rapids.

Here, I learned the flamboyant life of the Jester. People had become too serious, and must be saved from the whim of Greyface. Worrying leads to nothing, dear people!

I left this small world, and took this knowledge, jokebook under arm, and set off back to the real world. But the way had become blurred and lost amongst the glamour and text fields. The journey loomed before my belled toes, concealed by boughs of html...
Check out these fellows.
It just occurred to me today that you guys just *don't* get enough awesome in your lives. Have a flick through these galleries, and get your juices flowing.

Purely awesome for his work with children, take a look at Bobby's The Adventures of Safeboy. Not to mention his newer things. Worthwhile visiting just for the free bar.

Wonderful landscapes that contain an essence of everything that makes childhood, Ploop's beautiful piece-meal of shapes and textures are an exploration of space unseen since my days in nursery.

Alright. Couk. Quirky beyond reason- his characterizations and observations are an absolute delight to look at. A nice place to start might be his comics, and then move on to his painterly pieces.

Next we have PattKelley, who totally owns at the water colour-like work. Something you might like to note is his exceptional use of weird topics. Wonderfully new, and wonderfully fresh, whilst retaining a spot of vaudeville.

As for being epic, we have the wonderful Bundle1. His landscapes are truly something you just want to wriggle into like a warm blanket in Winter. Unfortunately, he doesn't seem to've been around for a while, but just crawl in through the window and open your eyes to the archaeologically preserved world of paint, cowgirls and imagination.

...So that's that.
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A tremendous rippling ROAR
scratched against Chicken Licken's
ears. It sounded as if someone was
pulling down a rather heavy and
cumbersome sheet from a very
high place.

"I am mostly convinced that the sky is falling."
He denoted calmly.

He ran and ran. Across fields of
tarmac- through orchards of oceans
and bridges of ice, the collapsing
sky hot on his heels.

In his panic, he ran directly into the
Duke of __________ .
The Duke was quite an angular,
strict man and rather restored
composure to Chicken Licken-
whom could now only hear a faint
growl on the horizon.

"O Duke, It is my duty to inform
you with reluctance that the sky
is falling." Chicken Licken
proclaimed with a brief bow.

"Good Afternoon, Chicken Licken!"
replied the Duke, "And what a fine
afternoon it is!"
Hi guys! I'm just updating things from a computer in the library, and am just a little bit drunk from mulled wine at Borough Market, London. (But it's fine. I'm 19, and DRINK RESPONSIBLY, KIDS, and I only had one cup. So shut up. Don't judge me! Who are you to look at me like that? Mhm.)
It was AMAZING. I bought... Chocolate covered hazlenuts that are covered in Cinnamon, Cherry...uhm Cherry things, and desicated pineapple and THE MOISTEST BROWNIE YOU HAVE EVER EATEN THAT WASN'T MADE FROM THE MUD IN A PUDDLE- :heart:.

It was like a completely overwhelming experience. There were pheasants hanging by their legs, falafel, and cheeses and vinegars and wines and vennison! And I ate a vennison burger (that's deer, you know). Quite LITERALLY like 'OMNOMNOM'. And there were ostrich burgers (sold out) and chocolates and polish sweets and it was AMAZING. The smells, the sounds, the pickpockets, the tastes! ME OH MY!

It's on every Friday and Saturday, just outside London Bridge underground station, if you ever want to visit.

AND I GOT A NEW TOP TODAY. My friend screen printed me one. It's unique ;p

Anyway, I'll come back and check the facts of this journal entry when I'm not so 'festively merry'.
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Afternoon everyone!
Just scraping things together on another poluted, rainy London Thursday. Trawling through my freshly squeezed sketchbook. Prepare yourselves to look through about a BILLION new deviations. Engorge, enjoy, lick and destroy.

Missing you all terribly.

Oh, and Uni is going well! First year student of Graphic Media Design (Illustration) now.

Am absolutely loving it. :heart:

Upload upload upload!
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..yeah, I'm 19, and what?

I'm getting things scanned soon. Just as soon as a gap opens up between my exceedingly delightful social life and work. ;-)


p.s. Is it just me, or does water just compliment chocolate -so- nicely? It's like the anti-chocolate. Instead of sweet, it's open and vague, with a slight taste of iron. It's liquid which can be turned into a solid. Chocolate is a solid which can be turned into an oh-so-delightful liquid. And it cleans the palate! Unlike sorbet, which is too sweet for neutralising thick tastes like chocolate.

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I put up a picture a couple of months ago called 'Listening'- it was part of a larger project, called Rebellion- so I've decided to put up the whole story in full, scanned colour. Two pages at a time, to space it out.

Otherwise it'll all be a mad blast of work.

Cartoon tomorrow.

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Hi there!
Woah- 12,412 page views? When did THOSE happen?


Anyway, I've been completely missing you guys, so to get the chat started up again, I've posted what I've done today for my project on Shakespeare. It's quite a high resolution, so if you want to print it out and chuck it about places, then by all means do so!
Take me some pictures too, while you're at it. Would love to see where these things end up.

With that, thank you all for being so patient.

No personal scanner as of yet, but I now know where one is readily available.

OH! I almost forgot! I scanned a page spread from my recent research journal to show off. Advancing in people studies, but not amazingly so.. more cartoons soon! I've got so much to show!


*EDIT* OMG WTF BBQ- MAINTENANCE???? I'll try again when I get home...give it an hour or so, chickens.
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Hi there wally watchers!
Eleven thousand, three hundred page views!

Managed to sit down last night, at about nine, with a pad and my mechanical pencil and just drew for hours. I've got lots to show you, but still no scanner. However, I'll see if I can borrow my gf's scanner and upload a few things for your good selves. It's been way too long, and journal entries just don't satisfy my need for input to deviantart.

Missing you all,

ur bff-Boojamon :D
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Recently i've just been too busy with everything to settle down and have a nice cup of tea with my deviantart friends... and i'm afraid that's going to last a while longer, and until I have a working scanner.

I miss you all dearly.
I'll return to you all someday soon- don't give out on hope!!

-B xx